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15/09/2020 FOI/2020/10688/561 1) With regards to Winter Gritting,could you confirm if your Road Network is split into Priority Routes (i.e. Priority 1 and Priority 2) routes for roads - ignoring footpaths and other pedestrian paths. 2) If your Road Network is split into Priority Routes,could you please provide the extent of Road Network coverage each Priority Route comprises of (i.e. Priority 1 Routes account for 59% of the Network coverage) 3) If your Road Network is split into Priority Routes,how often are each Priority Routes gritted during the winter months? (i.e. are Priority 1 routes maintained 24/7) 4) Does your council have specific Snow Routes or equivalent Gritting and Snow Ploughing routes in place in the event of extreme weather emergencies? Open
15/09/2020 FOI/2020/10685/558 Please send me the following information for both schools and early learning centres in your authority. 1. Total numbers of cleaning staff (FTE) in Sept 2019 and Sept 2020 2. How many extra cleaning hours have been put in place in order to meet the demands of COVID? 3. How much money has been allocated for extra cleaning supplies and equipment to meet the demands of COVID? 4. How much money allocated for PPE? 5. How much extra money have you applied for from the government's allocation of extra funding for cleaning? 6. Is your cleaning service provided by directly employed staff? 7. If not: a. who is providing the cleaning service? b. what actions are you taking to ensure the service providers are meeting the new guidelines? Open
15/09/2020 FOI/2020/10684/557 I am currently embarking on a research project around Cyber Security and was hoping you could provide me with some contract information relating to following information: 1. Standard Firewall (Network) - Firewall service protects your corporate Network from unauthorised access and other Internet security threats 2. Anti-virus Software Application - Anti-virus software is a program or set of programs that are designed to prevent,search for,detect,and remove software viruses,and other malicious software like worms,trojans,adware,and more. 3. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement - is a volume licensing package offered by Microsoft. 1. Who is the existing supplier for this contract? 2. What does the organisation annually spend for each of the contracts? 3. What is the description of the services provided for each contract? 4. Primary Brand (ONLY APPLIES TO CONTRACT 1&2) 5. What is the expiry date of each contract? Open
15/09/2020 FOI/2020/10689/562 FOI request for the sight of the original application and minutes of the meeting used to determine the outcome of the occasional licence application for McCosh Hall,19 Patna Road,Kirkmichael,KA19 7PJ. Open
14/09/2020 FOI/2020/10679/552 1. The total number of your workforce as a whole. 2. The total number of staff who have died FROM Covid 19 within your organisation 3. The total number of staff who have been admitted to hospital as a result of Covid 19 4. The total number of staff who have been properly diagnosed with Covid 19 not requiring hospitalisation 5. The total number of staff who have had to take time off work through isolation procedures not counting when the offices were actually closed Open
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