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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
05/01/2015 FOI/2015/5119/7 Requesting information relating to Council owned garages available to rent by residents. Withdrawn(no clarification)
05/01/2015 FOI/2015/5123/11 Could you please provide me with an up to date list of the names of all Social Work Management staff including,Heads of Service,Area Managers/Service Managers,Team Managers /Team Leaders within Adult Care,Children Services and Criminal Justice Services across the local authority? I cannot seem to find this information from your website. Closed(Exempt)
05/01/2015 FOI/2015/5122/10 I wish to request the following information: All information since January 1 2009 of incidents involving refuse vehicles (including bin lorries) engaged on council activity which have resulted in personal injury or death. This should include a brief description,date and location of the incident; the number of people involved; any referral to police and detail on any disciplinary outcome or criminal court action. Closed(Provided)
05/01/2015 FOI/2015/5120/8 Requesting information relating to how the Council procures its external litter bins. Closed(Provided)
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