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06/06/2023 FOI/2023/13281/486 Please may you provide me with: A .csv file detailing a list of all the different complaints the council has received over the past 12 months. It would be great for the file to contain as much information about the complaints as possible under the Information Act. This would include - the compliant type,heading of the complaint,what the complaint was about and the date and month the complaint was filed. Include an overview of the data,sharing: The total number of complaints in the past 12 months. The percentage of the complaints upheld. The complaint type with the highest amount of complaints. The complaint type with the lowest number of complaints Open
06/06/2023 FOI/2023/13277/482 1. How many teachers in the local authority area are or have been on sick leave or leave of absence from work,broken down by year since 2020/21 to date with: i. Instances where Long Covid was cited as the reason ii. Instances where Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) was cited as the reason Open
06/06/2023 FOI/2023/13282/487 1. Please can you provide me with the number of incidents relating to vaping recorded in schools in the last three years broken down by each year? 2. Please provide details on the incidents where possible. 3. Please can you state how many vapes or e-cigarettes have been confiscated by school staff in the same time period? 4. For the same period,please provide details of how many parents or carers have been contacted by schools with regards to allegations their child has been vaping? Open
06/06/2023 FOI/2023/13283/488 I would please like to request the number of heat pumps installed in social homes during the fiscal year 2022-23. Open
06/06/2023 FOI/2023/13286/491 Please provide the criteria / requirements for a child to be provided with assistance by Educational Psychology department. Open
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