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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
09/09/2016 EIR/2016/1012/486 i) The total volume of recycling rejected in tonnes for each of the above years. ii) Where possible,the reasons for recycling being rejected. iii) Where possible,what happened to the rejected recycling i.e. was it incinerated? Closed(Provided)
09/09/2016 EIR/2016/1013/486 Accident date: 09/06/2016. Request for details of the inspection and repair records for the footways on Dalrymple Street near to the junction with Wesley Road,Girvan for the 12 months prior to the above date and for 3 months post June 2015. Closed(Provided)
06/09/2016 EIR/2016/1010/486 Can you please advise what arrangements are in place for the management of the following services: - Parking enforcement and ticketing Car parks management Pay and display Parking machine cash collection Please provide details for both on-street and off-street parking. If some,or all,elements are managed in-house please say so. etc Closed(Provided)
06/09/2016 EIR/2016/1009/486 I would like to know: How much money your local authority spent enforcing regulations on emissions control,waste and contaminated land (separately) in 1995,2005 and 2015 (separately). How many FTE staff you had employed on emissions control,waste and contaminated land (separately) in 1995,2005 and 2015 (separately). Whether the income received from industry charges for these regulatory activities covers the full costs incurred by your authority? Closed(Provided)
05/09/2016 EIR/2016/1008/486 I am asking,under the Freedom of Information Act,the following set of questions: 1. How many road bridges are you responsible for maintaining? 2. For each of the last three financial years (2015/16,2014/15 and 2013/14) how many Principal Inspections have taken place 3. For each of the last three financial years (2015/16,2014/15,2013/14) how many Structural reviews and/or BD21 assessments have been conducted? etc Closed(Provided)
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