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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
07/05/2015 EIR/2015/655/338 Client Accident date: 26/03/2015 Location: Car Park at Langcroft Avenue,Prestwick. Request for inspection records between 26/03/13 to 26/03/15; request for confirmation of Code of Practice etc. Closed(Provided)
06/05/2015 EIR/2015/654/337 What,if any,enforcement (i.e. official warning,improvement notice,fine,court action or other recorded action) regarding the marketing of food regarding business to business communications have occurred under the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 (BPRs) since coming into force has occurred under your authorities control? Please provide the number of recorded enforcement actions you have issued since that date. Closed(Provided)
06/05/2015 EIR/2015/653/336 I hereby request under the freedom of information act,a copy of the survey carried out in relation to the Whitelees access road in regards to traffic volume and speed monitoring. Also request a copy of the minutes of the meetings and discussions,which took place between Ayrshire Roads Alliance and Police Scotland. Closed(Provided)
05/05/2015 EIR/2015/634/317 Please provide me with details of any complaints submitted to the council since January 2010,that are related to wind farms or wind turbines. For each complaint,please detail the nature of the complaint,the year it was made,and the outcome of the complaint. Please note,if this request is likely to cost more than 600,please just provide me with data for as many recent years as possible i.e. if you can only provide data for three years,give me that data for 2013,2014,and 2015. Closed(Provided)
01/05/2015 EIR/2015/652/335 RE: Harbour View,23-25 South Harbour Street,Ayr,KA7 1JA Would you please let us have the following information about Harbour View,23-25 South Harbour Street,Ayr,KA7 1JA:- 1. The Food Hygiene ratings from 1 January 2010 to present 2. If any health and safety violations were uncovered by the Environmental Health Department during the period stated above 3. If any customers or staff were injured or made ill by the food business operators during the period stated above Closed(Provided)
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