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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
08/06/2023 EIR/2023/3390/206 I wish to make an FOI request for information regarding the CO2 monitoring of your school estate. Is there monitoring of all the CO2 monitors installed on the school estate,if so,what remedial action is taken on areas of high CO2 concentration? What maintenance procedures are in place to maintain/replace faulty monitors,if any? Open
07/06/2023 EIR/2023/3388/204 I would like to know which glyphosate-based herbicides are currently used by,or on behalf of,the council on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) that are owned by,managed by,or under the control of the council. Please can you provide the data for the most recent 12-month period for which the information is available. Please can you also specify the amount and brand of each glyphosate-based herbicide in question,as well as the size of the area over which they are used. Open
07/06/2023 EIR/2023/3387/203 1. How many staff members are trained and equipped to issue fixed penalties for dog fouling,littering and fly tipping? 2. How many fixed penalties have been issued for dog fouling,littering and fly tipping in the last two years? 3. How many of these were paid? 4. How many of the outstanding penalties were taken to court? Open
07/06/2023 EIR/2023/3389/205 I would like,all emails,reports,social media,minutes with third parties, council papers regarding the land management work being done at the Pow Burn 8th June 2023 to mitigate erosion. Additionally I would like the scientific report done on identifying the composition of the grit deposits,which includes bricks,stones and grit, prior to the transfer of it to the south bank of the Pow Burn. Additionally I would like information on what the Environmental impact assessment was carried out and a copy of it. Which programme or implementation policy does the dumping of the grit come under,and what budget has it been taken from. Open
06/06/2023 EIR/2023/3385/201 Please provide me with the following information,from your public registers,where available. Enforcements under the Town and Country Planning (Hazardous Substances) (Scotland) Regulations 1993 (SI323),in Scotland. Reference or authorisation number Description of enforcement Date of issue Name of site or operator Site address or location Grid reference if available If the register is available,could you provide me a copy of the information in an electronic format or if the information is available on your website,please could you provide URL addresses to the records. Open
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