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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
07/02/2023 EIR/2023/3249/65 1. The number of school employees (existing and retired staff to include teaching staff,school support staff and caretakers,etc) and ex-pupils that have pursued a claim against you for exposure to asbestos within a school in your county between 2016 and 2021; 2. The number of these claims that have been settled between 2016 and 2021; and 3. The amount of money that has been paid in settlement of these claims (with and without your authority accepting responsibility) between 2016 and 2021. Open
06/02/2023 EIR/2023/3248/64 1. How much have you: a) spent on changing street names in the financial year 2021/22 b) spent on changing street names in the financial year 2022/23 so far? 2. Since April 2021,how many streets have you renamed? 3. Since April 2021,please can you provide a list of what you have renamed streets from and to? Open
03/02/2023 EIR/2023/3246/62 Please can you provide all information for the financial year 2021-22,and from the start of financial year 2022 to 31 December 2022: 1. How many potholes were reported? 2. How many potholes were repaired? 3. Total money spent on repairing potholes. 4. What is the current number of potholes which have been reported but not repaired? 5. How many pothole compensation claims were paid out? 6. What was the total value of compensation claims paid out? Open
03/02/2023 EIR/2023/3247/63 In a standard month,how many times a month are: a. Recycling bins collected b. Domestic refuge bins collected Open
03/02/2023 EIR/2023/3244/60 EIR relating to air conditioning vents in the work out room at The Citadel Leisure Centre,Ayr. Open
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