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28/02/2024 EIR/2024/3705/87 Refuse Collection - Milton Wynd,Turnberry,KA26 9LG - Non Domestic Rates There are 10 properties on the Scottish Assessor website for Milton Wynd listed as NDR all Self Catering Units. Can you please supply the cost for waste collection services for these NDR premises,general waste,paper/cardboard & cans/cartons on a weekly basis. Can you also supply the revenue for waste collections from these NDR premises by month for the years 2022,2023 & 2024. I don't require the documents,so a summary of the information will be fine. Open
28/02/2024 EIR/2024/3706/88 The proportion of council owned buildings (excluding social housing) that contain ground source or air source heat pumps? Open
27/02/2024 EIR/2024/3704/86 1) How many applications for a licence to keep a wild animal have been received by your council over the last five years? For each application received,please advise the type of animal,the number of animals the applicant proposed to keep,and whether the application was approved or denied (noting the reason for any rejected applications). Please also advise of any incidences when the council became aware of owners of wild animals operating without a licence,including the type of animal in question,the number of animals that were being kept,and what action was taken. Open
26/02/2024 EIR/2024/3702/84 How many trees have been planted by the council since 1 January 2022? How many trees have been cut down by the council since 1 January 2022? Open
26/02/2024 EIR/2024/3703/85 1. How many streets have been renamed by the council since January 2022? i. what was the cost of each street renaming listed in question A? 2. How much expenditure has been incurred in total by the council to deliver street renaming since January 2022? Open
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