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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
30/12/2021 EIR/2021/2836/232 I would like to know how plastics from the domestic waster stream are recycled including documentation naming the contractor they are shipped to and any agreement about what the plastics will be used for/products that will be manufactured from them. Open
03/12/2021 EIR/2021/2840/236 Request for all information and documentation relating to all applications on the site at Corton,SE Ayr,including discharge of conditions. Open
03/12/2021 EIR/2021/2841/237 EIR relating to inspection records for the highway in Burnfoot Avenue,Troon. Full request attached. Open
02/12/2021 EIR/2021/2839/235 1. How many fly-tipping offences have been committed in your area in the last five financial years? 2. How many of those who committed offences have since been prosecuted? 3. In terms of being prosecuted,how many of these punishments resulted in (a) Custodial sentences (B) community sentences (C) Fines Open
02/12/2021 EIR/2021/2838/234 Application Ref 21/00224/APP Proposal Erection of garage The above application has recently been approved on 15th November 2021 after a Council regulatory panel site visit that took place on 9th November 2021,and a discussion took place at a subsequent panel meeting on the 11th November. I am interested in reading the reasons for this decision and would like to receive all information regarding this application including the Report of Handling by the planning office which I can not see on the councilís planning register. I would also like to see the full minutes of the regulatory panel meeting held on the 9th November 2021,which should include a list of who sat in attendance and the complete audio file and transcript of that meeting when approximately 30 minutes of discussion was withheld from the public attending. Open
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