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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
15/09/2021 EIR/2021/2762/158 I would like to request the number of street works and road works carried out by the council for both the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years. If possible,I would also like to know the longest-running works that took place in both of these periods. Open
14/09/2021 EIR/2021/2761/157 I have been advised by Ayrshire Roads Alliance that I should request details of the date the new Motorhome Signage at the above location was erected. Open
14/09/2021 EIR/2021/2759/155 since 2013 by year format to present what have been the tonnage of food waste collected across South Ayrshire or if that figure is not available how many tonnes for food waste are sent for treatment with the council waste food contractor Open
14/09/2021 EIR/2021/2758/154 1. Do you currently operate commercial or residential waste collection services: (1) directly / inhouse,(2) via a waste contractor,(3) or through a joint-partnership with another authority? a. If via a contractor,please can you provide their name. Similarly,if in partnership with another authority,please name Open
13/09/2021 EIR/2021/2760/156 Of the sites listed in response to FOI/2021/11491 where on site parking is provided ,please list number of bays at each building/location and how many onsite disables bays are provided at each Open
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