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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
14/10/2019 EIR/2019/2210/742 EIR relating to the B730,Ayr. Full request attached. Open
11/10/2019 EIR/2019/2233/742 Information Requested:I wish to know: when was the concrete barrier separating the entrance and exit lanes of the car park on Cromwell road,Ayr (in front of the Horizon hotel) installed? Who installed it? And how many complaints and expressions of concern have been submitted to the council since it was installed? I would like an information summary and copies of documents instructing its installation. I would also like anonymised responses to any complaints received Open
11/10/2019 EIR/2019/2232/742 We have been appointed to carry out a flood risk assessment for a site at High Street,Ayr,KA7 1PA. The site location is shown on the attached plan. Please provide any information you hold relating to flood risk at this site,which may include: Modelled flood levels for coastal and surface water flooding Historic flood events in the vicinity of the site The location and standard of protection of any flood defences in the area Any information on other assets which may affect flood risk in this vicinity,e.g. culverted watercourses. Open
10/10/2019 EIR/2019/2231/742 I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from South Ayrshire Council: Within the area for which your organisation is responsible,please provide: On Street Parking Information 1. The total number of on street parking spaces for which you are responsible (an estimate of capacity will suffice if no defined spaces) 2. What proportion of the spaces referred to in point 1 are free and what proportion paid? o Paid is defined as having to pay to park in the space for at least one period during a normal 7 day week. 3. The total number of physical parking meters for the paid spaces. 4. How many of the meters referred to in point 3 take cash? 5. How many of the meters referred to in point 4 give change? etc.. Open
08/10/2019 EIR/2019/2230/742 I would like to know the following: - How many applications to be listed as an approved food establishment has your authority refused since 1 January 2019? - In the case of each refused application,what was the type(s) of product of animal origin to which the application related? (For example,fishery products,meat products,live bivalve molluscs,etc) - In the case of each refused application,what was the nature of the activity/activities proposed at the establishment? (For example,distribution,wholesale market etc) - In the case of each refused application,what was the stated reason for refusal? Open
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