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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
21/03/2024 EIR/2024/3742/124 EIR relating to Waste Management. Open
21/03/2024 EIR/2024/3741/123 I would like to request the number of nuisance smell complaints received by the council for the following periods: 1st Jan 2024-29th February 2024 1st Jan 2023-31st December 2023 1st Jan 2022- 31st December 2022 1st Jan 2021- 31st December 2021 To be clear,I am referring to complaints made about nuisance smells that could be a `statutory nuisanceż (covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990) as defined in this guidance from the Department for Environment,Food & Rural Affairs: If possible,please could you break down the number of odour complaints,by type. Open
21/03/2024 EIR/2024/3743/125 1. How much money the Council has spent on waste management each year since 2011,broken down year by year. 2. If it is possible to specify how much the Council has spent specifically on recycling as part of this data Open
20/03/2024 EIR/2024/3740/122 For the past five years,by year format,how many claims have been made about damage to vehicles caused by the state of council roads and what have the insurance payment being made for Open
19/03/2024 EIR/2024/3739/121 For the months of January through to December 2023 and - if available - for the first 3 months of 2024,please disclose: The total amount of money spent by your council on road maintenance,relating directly to pothole reports and repairs across your Local Road Network. Open
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