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Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
31/03/2015 FOI/2015/5345/233 Can you please provide the following information of your IT supplier of Online Social Care (Information and advice/online assessment etc.) 1. Who is the current supplier of this system/s and what is the system┐s name? 2. At what date did you start using the current system,and what was the previous IT system? 3. When is the system due for renewal? 4. How much is the total cost of the contract p.a. (including support and maintenance)? Closed(Provided)
31/03/2015 FOI/2015/5343/231 I would like an up to date list for businesses that have just become liable for the business rates on a property within your council area between the 14/03/2015 to the 31/03/2015. Closed(Provided)
31/03/2015 FOI/2015/5346/234 Fees Notice
31/03/2015 FOI/2015/5344/232 Details of spend on external management consultants during 2013/14 Closed(Provided)
30/03/2015 FOI/2015/5342/230 The total number of complaints dealt with for each year since 2010 Closed(Provided)
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