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22/10/2020 FOI/2020/10761/634 I would like to request any information you have regarding how much revenue is generated by charges for the 20 public convenience locations across South Ayrshire,having been just been reintroduced this week. I understand that figures for this year will be skewed by the COVID-19 situation thus I would be happy with figures from 2019 or whatever year most recent. Open
22/10/2020 FOI/2020/10760/633 How many racist incidents were recorded at schools in the local authority in the academic year (a) 2017/18,(b) 2018/19,and (c) 2019/20. Open
21/10/2020 FOI/2020/10758/631 The number of road accidents involving deer in you local authority for the past 8 years,broken down by year if possible please. Open
21/10/2020 FOI/2020/10757/630 1) The number of available gritter lorries in your local authority for the past 10 years? Broken down by year if possible please. 2) The number of available grit bins in your local authority for the past 10 years? Broken down by year if possible please. Open
21/10/2020 FOI/2020/10755/628 1. Does any stage of decision making across benefits and welfare (defined as including but not limited to allocation of social housing,personal social care budgets,council tax support and the assessment of fraud within) presently involve automation,AI or algorithms at your council? a. For clarity,automation may include (non-exhaustively),predictive analytics (ie to assess rent arrears or child welfare risks),risk assessment of claims (commonly known as risk based verification),the use of computer programs or algorithms to guide resource allocation,the use of datasets to guide how benefits are processed and disbursed. 2. If Yes,please provide details: a. Of the algorithms or automated decision-making programs you use; b. If you use a commercial product or whether you have developed your own system; c. Of the purpose for which the algorithm or automated decision-making system operates; Open
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