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14/05/2021 FOI/2021/11220/284 Can you please provide me with the following information: Number of deaths registered with South Ayrshire Council for each of the last 5 years (individually 2016-2020 (including 2020) and not in "financial" years terms) Open
13/05/2021 FOI/2021/11219/283 Can you please confirm what your sustainable rates will be for 2 year olds and 3-5 year olds in Partner Provider Nurseries from August 2021,and will the Meal Allowance be included within this figure or paid separately? I would be grateful if you could also advise me of the amount of the Meal Allowance which nurseries will receive. Open
13/05/2021 FOI/2021/11218/282 Information request relating to the Councils cloud strategy. Full request attached. Open
13/05/2021 FOI/2021/11217/281 1. How many comments of support were made by members of the public in response to case ARA7271. 2. A copy of all correspondence between Ayrshire Roads Alliance and Police Scotland in relation to the Area of Bogend Toll from 12th May 2018 until the 12th May 2021. Open
12/05/2021 FOI/2021/11215/279 Name,Email,Phone number of your Quality Manager Name,Email,Phone number of your Health and Safety Manager Name,Email,Phone number of your IT systems Manager Name,Email,Phone number of your Energy Manager Name,Email,Phone number of your Environmental Manager Current ISO certifications held and recertification dates Who are the current certification bodies for the above-mentioned certificates? Open
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