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20/02/2024 FOI/2024/14035/175 I would be obliged if you could provide the following information regarding active alcohol licences granted by South Ayrshire Licensing Board:- (1) Premises Licences a. Name of Premises b. Address of Premises c. Whether On Sales,Off Sales or Both d. Name of Premises Licence Holder e. Name of Designated Premises Manager (2) Personal Licences a. Name of Licence Holder b. Expiry Date of Licence If possible,could the information be provided as an Excel spreadsheet document,please? Open
19/02/2024 FOI/2024/14033/173 FOI relating to the proposed driving range at Belleisle Park. Open
19/02/2024 FOI/2024/14034/174 FOI relating to Property and Asset Management in relation to the following properties:- 1. The Former Corn Exchange in Ayr High Street. 2. The Cutty Sark at the bottom of the High Strret. 3. The development of Ayr Through the Ages at the Town Hall. Open
16/02/2024 FOI/2024/14030/170 Please could you provide the number of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) taken on by your local authority each year from 2018 to date. Could you also provide the number of NQTs who were employed on a full-time basis with the local authority after their first year of teaching? Please could all of the figures be broken down year-by-year and by primary and secondary teachers? Open
16/02/2024 FOI/2024/14031/171 I am trying to find the contact email for the property manager,health and safety officer and the sustainability manager Open
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